Zaatar Campaign for lunch sales

Zataar wa zaitoon is an arabian restaurant in thrissur. They provide a collection of various cuisines especially they serve the best malabar food in thrissur. They are well known for their dishes and also the master chefs who make this possible.


After their brand launch and inauguration they came to us mentioning another major problem they are facing. Zataar is established as an arabain restaurant and because of this customers were not aware of the fact that they are also provide other food items. So, apart from the rush at the evening and a bit late night there was not much business happening at day time especially at lunch time. Zataar had traditional kerala style meals and other various items but because of people thought that zaatar is a traditional arabian restaurant there was hardly any sale at that time of the day.


At the beginning this problem did not seem like that much of an issue but gradually it started to affect the business. After a lot of research and observing the customers we came up with the solution of implementing a hoarding. We could only afford only one offline hoarding , so the challenge was to design the perfect hoarding. After a few sessions of brainstorming we decided that the targeted audience should be the local people who will be looking for a quick meal at the time. The idea was that the hoarding must be a traditional old school type. The hoarding we designed was very simple and it was very effective. We worked really hard on the design and lettering of the hoarding and we came to the conclusion. The decided lettering was in Malayalam and it was a familiar on, “oon thayyar” which means “meals ready”. It was a big hoarding and the lettering was also designed according to this.


TIt’s one thing to say you can do something, and another to actually get it done. So, as a result of our plan things happened just like we hoped and expected. This single implementation changed everything. In other words, it worked so well that the results exceeded our expectations. From the very first day, the hoarding fixed, things changed drastically. The requirement went up from 10% to 100% in no time. This was an amazing achievement and an extraordinary thing to happen and because of that our client was satisfied to the core.

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