How Total Care achieved good volume sales in short time

Total care is a kochi based smartphone repairing team. They specialize on iPhone services.


Total care reached on to us because they needed help in their social media presence and business through social media platforms. It was really a challenge because in a city like kochi, there will be a number of proven service centres and there will be high competition. Because of the reason that total care’s highlighted services are for ‘iPhone’, the customers can be categorised. So, there was a lack of an online community where people stay connected with total care. To keep people interested in such a space would be another thing to take in to the account.


After the research we came up with a few ideas to maintain the online space and keep it interesting. Our team decided to start with frequent posts about tips and advices about mainly iPhone. That really got customer attention and the platform became engaged. Along with this, we designed and created online stories based on the special offers that total care was providing. We did both these things parallely because otherwise people won’t be much interested in the ads. After this we designed posts relating total care and nature highlighting the theme or concept of ‘care’.


The one and only goal was to achieve the engagement that total care was looking for. The solutions worked pretty well and daily, through instagram and facebook, leads more than 20 began to come. The frequent posts and stories did the job, people started to interact with total care. This was great news for the team and a massive success.

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