How we helped world’s largest noodles brand enter Indian market

Indomie is a renowned leading noodle brand in the world. It was available in 80 countries except india for a long time. Indomie is a well established brand all around the world. (Add flavours in India)


As mentioned above indomie was not very well known in india. The only people who knew about indomie were the ones who lived outside india. Then a kerala based food trading company re-initiated trading of indomie in india in 2018. They approached owl generation asking to help them in introducing and promoting indomie in india and explore the e-commerce possibilities. It was a real challenge because of many factors. The market was ruled by other giant brands. So to create a space and position among this competitors would be real task.

We had to analyse the failure of the earlier company who tried and failed in introducing indomie and needed to spread the news about the availability of indomie in india among the people who already know about indomie. The target sale was from zero to million and this had to be done in a limited budget especially for initial marketing.

They asked us that they want people in india to taste indomie. The actual goal was to launch such an international brand in india and take it to the top of the market and also establish a strong fan base for the brand in the country.


We decided to implement the ideas we came up with in our research. Started with the online identity and introduce indomie as ‘indomie india’. Planned to introduce indomie in all e-commerce sites like Amazon, flipkart, Paytm mall, Bigbasket and indiamart,etc.

We were looking to reach all indomie lovers through online platforms. So we decided to conduct contests for gaining followers all over from india. To popularise and interact with people planned on giveaways each week , so that new audience will come to know indomie. To help increase the sale we decided to target potential customers and present them with ads on social media while launching indomie in a specific city or supermarket. Decided to frequently update and stay connected to people, so, for this we need to interact.


After all the research and hard work we got the results we were looking for. The specific audience targeted ads helped in increasing ROI. New customers started to share their experience with indomie and related stories with friends and family. Enquiries started to come from distributors for the new emerging noodle. Started to see constant increase in sale every consecutive months through both online and offline. Exactly 10% of increase every month. Very soon indomie reached where it wanted to be. Became the most leading brand in the market taking the second place among the competitors. Exponential expansion all over india resulted in the hyke in availability of the product.

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