How we helped ICEM to explain their advanced courses to potential customers

ICEM is a construction institute started by a team of 10 people who has more than 10 years of experience in the construction field. ICEM provides intermediate courses which will help the graduates finding the right job and give them technical and practical knowledge parallely. ICEM helps them in setting the goal and deal with the real construction field.


ICEM needed help in branding and creating a powerful brand value for them. ICEM is actually a dream project and they approached us for better ideas in what they can do to launch their brand. They wanted us to work on visionary ideas, those should help ICEM and also the graduates. ICEM will help them or give them the opportunity to achieve technical and practical knowledge.


After researching about how we can present ICEM , we came up with the idea of a brand story. The concept of the brand story is that, the students or graduates are considered to be pencils that is pencils stands for the graduates. Pencils or clearly the unsharpened ones represents the fresh graduates and as long as they are the unsharpened ones, ICEM represents the sharpener. This concept really worked well. A pencil has its own position in the world of construction and civil engineering and we know it.

So, this idea was really a revelation in the process. It helped on all the other aspects of the task. After confirming this concept we decided to use the same story in brochures, posters and in the promotional video also.


The solutions we came up with resulted in a massive success. The concept we implemented worked according to the plan and the client was impressed. They were satisfied and we moved forward with the idea. Designed brochures highlighting the same story and also used it to create the promo video. This success resulted in the satisfaction of our client.

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